Surgical Procedure Simulators

"An Educational Tool"

DELLETEC was established in 1988 by Louis DelleFave RNFA, BSN, CNOR. Since then the number of Surgical Technology Programs using DELLETEC Surgical Procedure Simulators has grown significantly. Medical schools and RN First Assistant Programs have also used the simulators with great success.

The simulators were made to be used in the skills lab and help replicate the clinical site for the student Surgical Technologists. The procedure simulators are not anatomically correct, rather, the emphasis is placed on the use and handling of the instruments used to perform the procedure. For example, all the instruments used on an actual Appendectomy procedure can also be used on the Appendectomy Simulator. Although the simulators are made to be used only once, many programs use the simulators two and even three times.

DELLETEC is dedicated to keeping the price of the simulators down. There are several simulators on the market, but none as reasonably priced as ours. Custom sinulators are also available.

The true success of the simulators lies in the hands of the instructor, acting as the surgeon. If played correctly, and by adding a little fake blood, the simulated procedure can give the novice surgical technology student an experience that will help them make the transition from skills lab to clinical site.