Breast_ Biopsy

Surgical Procedure Simulators

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View a video demonstration of the Breast Biopsy Simulator produced by the School of Surgery Yorkshire and the Humber England

  1. Secure the simulator to the operative field using the Velcro provided.
  2. Palpable Masses are located in each quadrant of the simulator.
  3. A total of four radial incisions can be made.
  4. A needle biopsy may also be performed. An incisional or excisional biopsy may be taken.
  5. Simulation

  6. Drape the operative site.
  7. Make a radial incision over a palpable mass in one of the quadrants using a #10 or #15 knife blade.
  8. Retract the skin edges with Sinn retractors or a similar type retractor. Army/Navy retractors may also be used.
  9. Sharply dissect through the underlying tissue with the knife or Metzenbaum scissors. If a radial incision is made, you will come upon 2 vessels that can be clamped, cut and tied.
  10. Excise a portion of the mass to be sent for frozen section.
  11. Remove the mass. It may be desirable to excise some surrounding tissue along with the mass.
  12. Once the mass is removed, place drains if desired.
  13. Approximate the breast tissue with an absorbable suture and close the skin with fine suture or skin staples.
  14. The biopsy sites are located above the red muscle layer and below the yellow fat layer in all four quadrants. If during the procedure you encounter the red muscle layer without finding the mass, you have missed the biopsy site.