Surgical Procedure Simulators

"An Educational Tool"

Suggestions for instructors

Here are some suggestions that will help add to the realism of the procedure.

1. Sponge stick: If a moist sponge stick is pressed against the red muscle or base it will pick up the red dye on the sponge. This works well with the Lap Sim Insert.

2. Laparoscopy Simulator: Go to your local Butcher and get intestines or other parts that are placed in a pan inside the simulator

3. Appendectomy Simulator: If you know that you will use the simulator again, leave a segment of the appendix behind which will be used as a specimen in the next procedure.

4. If your school has an old CPR Maniquin, it can be used to mount the appendectomy, hernia and breast biopsy simulators.

5. Video tape your students during the procedure and let them do a self evaluation on their performance.

6. Write down the name of the procedure that has been performed on the back of the simulator for future reference.

7. Experiment with different glues to close the incision which you can use again. After the simulation is complete, take out all of the suture and apply a small amount of glue into the wound and hold it together for up to five minutes. This will creat a simulated scar which can be cut out on the next simulation.

8. If you have a Torso you can use it for the Appendectomy Simulator. Watch instructions on the Action Page.

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