Hernia Simulator

Surgical Procedure Simulators

"An Educational Tool"

Hernia Simulator The Hernia Simulator was developed to demonstrate the basic intrumentation and progression of a Hernia Operation. This simulator helps to create an environment where various sugical instrumentation can be applied. The instrumentation and suture used on the simulator are the same used in an actual hernia operation.

The following directions are intended to be used as a guide for the instructor. Any vairation of the procedure may be made as needed.


  1. Attach the simulator to the operative field using the Velcro patch. (Be sure that the side of the simulator with the DELLETEC label is facing toward the head of the bed.)
  2. Drape the simulator in the usual manner.
  3. Make a midline incision. Incise the adipose tissue and retract with Army/Navy retractors. Clamp, cut and tie the vessels in the adipose tissue.
  4. Dissect through the adipose layer. Directly below the adipose layer is the hernia sac protruding through the defect in the muscle layer. Be careful not to incise the hernia sac inadvertently. Free up the hernia sac using blunt and sharp dissection.
  5. Two options are possible at this point:
  6. Close the muscle, adipose, and skin layers using appropriate suture material. Staples can also be used on the skin. Mesh may also be used to repair the hernia.