Surgical Simulators

Surgical Procedure Simulators

"An Educational Tool"

  • Appendectomy

    This simulator measures 5"x 5" and has a skin which is attached to a container. Tissue layers are represented within the simulator, (i.e., subcutaneous, fascia, muscle, and peritoneum.) This procedure can be performed using the same instrumentation and suture used in an actual operation.

    Breast Biopsy Simulator This simulator has a skin, subcuticular, subcutaneous, and muscle layer. Palpable masses are located in each quadrant. This simulator can be used at least four times..

  • To be used with the Lap Sim Insert. The sole purpose is to demonstrate to the student the technique of sweeping the omentum out of the way at the beginning of the case. There are no adhesions and the omentum can be easily swept to the side in both an open and laparoscopic procedure.

    Hernia Simulator

    The Hernia Simulator was developed to demonstrate the basic instrumentation and progression of a Hernia Operation. This simulator helps to create an environment where various surgical instrumentation can be applied..

    Bowel Resection Simulation Instructions for use with the Lap Sim Insert

    Hysterectomy Simulation Instructions for use with the Lap Sim Insert

  • Laparoscopy Adaptor Simulator (Replaces the Laparoscopy Simulator)

    This simulator includes the Laparoscopic Adaptor and 1 "Laparoscopy Sim Disc" with skin, adipose and muscle. This simulator can be used repeatedly.
    Additional "Laparoscopy Sim Disc " are also available.

    Lap Sim Insert

    Both open and laparoscopic procedures can be performed on the Lap Sim Insert
    - Removal of Ectopic x2 -
    - Bilateral Tubal ligation -
    - Oophorectomy, bilateral or unilateral -*
    - Super Cervical Hysterectomy -
    - Large and Small Bowel Resection -
    - Appendectomy x3 -
    -And More (Colostomy Creation, Resection of Endometriosis, Tubal Re-anastomosis)

    This will fit inside both the Laparoscopy Adaptor Simulator and Laparotomy Torso and each is sold separately. Contains uterus, bladder, tubes & overies, large and small bowel and appendix. If you already have a Laparotomy Torso from Delletec, please check the measurements indicated on the Lap Sim Insert web page to see if they are appropriate for the Lap Sim Insert.


    Laparotomy Torso

    This Simulator includes a Torso with one Laparotomy Sim Disc. The Laparotomy Sim Disc is made of tissue layers such as Skin, Adipose, Fascia and muscle. Vessels are also found in the adipose layer of the Laparotomy Sim Disc. Additional Laparotomy Sim Discs are also available.


    Skin Closure Simulator

    The Skin closure simulator can be used repeatedly


    Ovarian Cyst / Ectopic Simulator

    The Ovarian Cyst / Ectopic Simulator has both a removeable Cyst & Ectopic.

    Suggested order for 5 procedures preformed on this simulator:

    * Ovarian Cystectomy

    * Removal of Ectopic (Salpingotomy)

    * Tubal Ligation

    * Oopherectomy

    * Salpingectomy


  • Action Page

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